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what is sideline?

Sideline is a way for talented young designers to see their work displayed on the chests of the man on the street. We don't impose the strictures of a commercial design company or fashion label, so they are free to do what they think is their best work, rather than turn out what they are told to.

So we think that we can offer you some of the best design by some of the best designers. Because at the moment we sell it direct over our website, we can do that at what we think is a very reasonable price.

become a part of sideline

We would love to see your work if you are a talented designer with work that you think would look great on our t-shirts. It's not that we are lacking for our designs, but sideline is about allowing designers to express themselves. So if we think that other people will love your work, we'd be only too happy to have it on our shirts.

And we'd like you to be able to get a slice of the action if we want to use your work. That means that we cut a deal whereby you take a cut of any of your designs that we sell if they go into production. We take work from anyone, anywhere in the world

submit your designs

The best way is to spin us a jpeg of gif file of the artwork - if you want it there is even a template t-shirt so that you can show us where you want the design on the finished garment. Include your name, email address, street address, telephone number and a brief biography and if we love your work, we'll be in touch directly. Get in touchHERE

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