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Cute Tees at n138

Just come across N138. Lovely little site run by a nice chap by the name of Dan. Well worth a look for some motor-racing inspired Tees.
posted by: James Gordon-MacIntosh ... 11 January 2007

Tees from Stencil Revolution

Been ages since I went over to have a look at how Prism's site was getting along. Turns out that he has just produced a limited run of Tees. Well worth a look if you have five minutes to spare.
posted by: James Gordon-MacIntosh ... 15 December 2006

New art from Airside

That Fred Deakin has been at it again. This time with a wonderfully simply Giclee print. Oh, and do check out the shop at 16 Earlham St in London. Lovely work, chaps.
posted by: James Gordon-MacIntosh ... 15 December 2006

OK GO promo with treadmills

This has got nothing to do with design. Do we care? Not a jot. Witness the coolest pop promo in the world. OK GO do indeed rock. Loving it.
posted by: James Gordon-MacIntosh ... 14 November 2006

Sideline Tees in T-Shirt 360

Oooh ... lovely. Our Tees have been published. The lovely folks at T-Shirts 360 have popped our Jon Burgermans and Lee's "Poochies" into their new book. You can buy the book at most good bookstores and of course Amazon. IMHO, it is a cracking compendium of the best of new T-shirts available today. Thanks chaps ...
posted by: James Gordon-MacIntosh ... 8 October 2006

The MySpace Gallery

Brave new world of MySpace ... having fathomed the weird world that it is, we've gone right ahead and started a new Group on there. Take a squizz by clicking on one of the piccies above. You can see some of the best art and design knocking around the world's biggest community site.
posted by: James Gordon-MacIntosh ... 22 September 2006

New art from Airside

Airside has got more of its limited editions out featuring lyrics and famous lines from some of the finest tunes going. Well worth a quick squizz.
posted by: James Gordon-MacIntosh ... 15 September 2006

All a bit strange ... MoonDogs?!

We are loving the idea behind all things MoonDog. Mad, but deeply loveable, you have to be checking out their MySpace or at the very least, have a squizz at the site and buy a members' pack quick before they go ... Loving it all.
posted by: James Gordon-MacIntosh ... 10 September 2006

Free toys ... bless them all

HiCalorie is giving away free little toys. They are super-sweet. We like them. You can download, print and then make the little chaps. Now ... HOW COOL IS HE?!
posted by: James Gordon-MacIntosh ... 7 September 2006

Badges a-go-go

Loving the work by designer Andrew Welland. He's released a series of badges now available at shops that include Magma and PlayLounge. The tree and bird designs are just super and we reckon that they are the vital adornment to any tee!
posted by: James Gordon-MacIntosh ... 31 August 2006

Brands get the toy treatment

In a crazy new world, Sket One has taken to a small homage to the classic brands of our time in Qee, Dunny and various other vinyl toy form. Am sure that the brands in question are delighted ... and that their agencies are scratching their heads and wondering "why didn't we do that?!".
posted by: James Gordon-MacIntosh ... 29 August 2006

Deadman on his holidays

New Deadman Tee from the fine folks of Airside. As a proud wearer of Deadman by Swimming Pool, I thought that it was only fair to mention that the lovely folk at have created a brand-spanking new top in the range. This time, the deadman is out and about and next to his caravan.
posted by: James Gordon-MacIntosh ... 25 August 2006

New JB artworks

New work from the lad Burgerman available in the small but happy world of his shop. This time, a one-off canvas of his duudley scratchey little characters is available. Wander off there to take a look post-haste.
posted by: James Gordon-MacIntosh ... 12 July 2006

Stencil 1 NYC

On a recent trip OOP NORTH, we came across a whole heap of stuff by NYC brand, Stencil 1. Now happily armed with Tees and badges and graffiti stencils, we thought that we ought to share and bring the man to as wide a number of people as we could. Check out the site by clicking the image above.
posted by: James Gordon-MacIntosh ... 6 July 2006

Battle Royale Tee launched in new colours

Having bought this Tee in tan sometime back, I was clearly delighted to see it is now available in a new colour-way. This time out in what the nice folks at Airside are calling asphalt, the top was made for the UK launch of cult Asian classic, Battle Royal. Lovely work all-round.
posted by: James Gordon-MacIntosh ... 7 June 2006

New Rob Malpensa original artwork

We have some brand-spanking new original and unique artworks by Sideline resident, Rob Malpensa. The five one-off pics are hand painted by the Bologna-based artist and illustrator and aren't available ANYWHERE ELSE. Thanks to Rob for getting around to creating them for us.
posted by: James Gordon-MacIntosh ... 22 April 2006

We LOVE moles

Thanks to the piece in Clutter magazine, we were contacted by the lovely people at Argentine collective DGPH. And the cracking news is that they are going to be designing for us! We are absolutely made up about the whole thing and very much looking forward to some fantastic new designs. We are LOVING moles. Oh, and do let us know what you think by emailing us to say!
posted by: James Gordon-MacIntosh ... 25 January 2006

Lots of great stuff from Maharishi

LOTS and LOTS of new work over at the Maharishi site. Last time we looked, they had some brand spanking new Michael Lau stuff on the way in. And very lovely it looks to. Oh, and there is an exhibition on at the moment of a load of their work down at the Soho store.
posted by: James Gordon-MacIntosh ... 16 January 2006

A quick thank you ...

A quick thank you to Clutter Magazine ( who have featured Jon's Tees in their most recent edition. Do get yourself a copy of the mag from their site …
posted by: James Gordon-MacIntosh ... 13 January 2006

Hullo there ...!

Happy new year one and all ... that was it, really.
posted by: James Gordon-MacIntosh ... 1 January 2006

New JB "girlie" pics

Hmmm ... sure has been a long time since I wrote anything intelligent on this weblog-lette. Anyhoo ... just spotted some cute new piccies by good old Jon Burgerman that we really quite liked. I think that with Christmas around the corner, these might have to be a consideration for the gift list. Lovely work ...
posted by: James Gordon-MacIntosh ... 14 December 2005

New Tees on their way

New Tees on their way from the lovely and terribly talented Roberto Malpensa. Please click on them to let us know what you think about the new designs. They'll be up on the site really, really soon. Keep an eye out or sign up to the site to be kept informed as they go up.
posted by: James Gordon-MacIntosh ... 3 November 2005

Wooster worth a look

Whenever we want to know what is going on on the streets of the world, the Wooster Collective is our source material. Check out on of the finest collections of street art from all around the globe.
posted by: James Gordon-MacIntosh ... 30 October 2005

Return of the Duudles ...

New stuff from the lad Burgerman that we thought might be worth a little mention in these parts. Some of you might be aware of his collaborative "book" with a Danish (we think) artist to exchange duudles. The tome was called "HelloDuudle" and it was lovely. Well, the whole thing is back with a new bookie out soon. Worth a quick squizz ...
posted by: James Gordon-MacIntosh ... 24 October 2005

Illustration show "ooop north"

Lots of cool work from a whole range of artists and illustrators as Manchester City Council have agreed to curate a show of street art in the heart of the city. Have a look at the website to read all about it ...
posted by: James Gordon-MacIntosh ... 22 October 2005

Dead swish new posters from Jason Munn

How lovely are these ... Jason Munn makes the most gorgeous screen print posters for a whole wide range of bands. Jason creates his pieces in his Oakland, California, studio, and each one begins with a freehand sketch, which is scanned into a computer, altered with clip art, and given life with just three colors. The result is a simple yet beautiful work of art worthy of a frame and a place in your home.
posted by: James Gordon-MacIntosh ... 19 October 2005

Mr. Jago Camobots for Addict

My Camobot just arrived ... super-cool new limited edition toys from Graff artist Mr. Jago. He's done some lovely work with Addict in the past - their ltd ed Tees are well worth a look - but this is by far the grooviest things that we have seen come out to date.
posted by: James Gordon-MacIntosh ... 12 October 2005

Jon Burgerman paintings

Jon Burgerman keeps selling out of his GORGEOUS paintings unfortunately. We are kind of hoping that he might do some for the Sideline website when he has a little more time on his hands. You never know. In the meantime, you will have to join with us in checking up on the site in the vague (tho vain) hope that he might have some of new creations up and about.
posted by: James Gordon-MacIntosh ... 12 October 2005

Flying Fortress vinyl

How cute are these little fellas, eh? Just lovely. Flying Fortress / Rock Away Bear vinyl figures from Rock Away Bear (dot com) somewhere in Germany. Seriously, seriously lovely work.
posted by: James Gordon-MacIntosh ... 12 October 2005

Sites that we like ... Design Spotter

Just came across this rather nice international design products site. Lists everything from furniture to fashion and a whole heap besides. One of those sites that you roam around and find hundreds of things you never knew you were interested in.
posted by: James Gordon-MacIntosh ... 11 October 2005

Thanks to lots of folks ...

Thanks to Ryan at BD4D (, Caymag (, Tiny Showcase (, Shirt2 (, Design Radar (, Jon Burgerman ( and NewsToday (, all of which have linked to us and have been generally lovely about our site. You are all very kind.
posted by: James Gordon-MacIntosh ... 10 October 2005

Skwat ... be different

Belgian, we think. So this is the first Belgian website that we have ever knowingly visited. And for our first ever Belgian website experience, we were pretty impressed. Yes indeedy, we like it a lot. Check out the apple range from design group Skwat. Lovely stuff that you can bank no one else will have, it being Belgian and all that.
posted by: James Gordon-MacIntosh ... 10 October 2005

Threadless Mary Poppins Para T-shirt ... or "respect your elders ...

I just came one click away from buying this little fella from Threadless. They are included here simply because one should have respect for your elders and Threadless has been doing it right for years. And what's more, they are just doing some of their best work, IMHO. Worth checking out.
posted by: James Gordon-MacIntosh ... 9 October 2005

More Tees than you can shake a stick at ... is a German site that is a guide to the best Tee sites on the interweb. It has all the latest from the likes of Threadless, 2ktees and the rest. We do hope that they might pop our stuff up there before too long. And the site is available in both English and German. Which is helpful for non-German speakers like, well, us.
posted by: James Gordon-MacIntosh ... 8 October 2005

Lounge 72 PDF Calendar thingy

All jolly cunning. has produced the latest pages for their PDF calendar. Each month is available as an A4 or an A3 poster and has some cracking work by some top illustators. We recommend you check it out post-haste. Lovely.
posted by: James Gordon-MacIntosh ... 3 October 2005

Banksy new pics up and about online

Banksy's work always raises a smile. None more so than his latest stuff. This is one of his recent-ish UK pieces. But more impressing is some work on the wall in Palestine. Raises the interesting question of whether graffiti on a wall that doesn't exist might be illegal - the wall is not recognised by the international commnity.
posted by: James Gordon-MacIntosh ... 20 September 2005

Jon Burgerman Zeeb Zeebs competition

Weird and wonderful as they are, Jon Burgerman is giving away a handful of .... er .... Zeeb Zeebs. Funny little cork coaster type chaps, they are all rather fab. And well worth scribbling the poemy rhymy thing explaining whether you like coffee or tea that you need to write to win them.
posted by: James Gordon-MacIntosh ... 19 September 2005

Brand spanking new Airside Shop Ts

The Airside Shop lads have been doing themselves proud once again with their latest range of Ts just up on site. We have long been fans of the "Dead Man" series and the new collection includes the poor little fella in the Arcade. A health warning kids, those slots are just not good for you.
posted by: James Gordon-MacIntosh ... 16 September 2005

Roberto Malpensa vs Tee Junkie website

Cracking design work by an Italian designer by the name of Roberto Malpensa knocking around on a little site called VS Tee Junkie. He seems to be the only person to have taken Tee Junkie on so far, but a cracking T makes up for lack of numbers. Quality not quantity, as the old saying goes. To be found at
posted by: James Gordon-MacIntosh ... 11 September 2005


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